Broken but not entirely

We’re  humans – we’re selfish and greedy. When we want something so badly, we’d do almost anything. 

I was no exception

But when you realised you can’t fix what’s broken, you’d just break down. 

Trying ever so desperately to make things work.
Sometimes, you can’t fix what’s broken.

That’s why you have your friends. They’ll be there to pull you out of that depressing stage of life. You just need to need let them in so they can help.

I am here, as well

But if you still think that the person,  that you’ve hurt or gotten hurt by, is worth the trouble you’ll go through to fix what you had with them then..

In the end, these are just my thoughts a.k.a not so professional thoughts. But remember…

“No man is an island”

Rouge H.


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