Pride or Just Giving Up?

I have a limit – which is not surprising considering almost everyone has their limits. We all know that if anyone crosses that limit, they’re dead.

I’m someone that believes in giving chances – but one day, I’ll eventually stop and just quit. Which is why, today I’ve decided to stop giving one individual, in particular, chances. 

They say that your “family” is the one that’s going to be with you through good times and bad. But if they’re the cause of things going bad all the time, then how am I suppose to give them chances every single time. 

That individual knows that they have support of certain people and use that to their advantage. What irks me the most is when they annoy me and think they have the higher advantage than me. That wounds my pride – yes, even I have pride. Shocker, I know.

 I’ve always let go of any grudges I had over anyone. But I realise that can be a bad thing as well – as they will use it to their advantage and step over you whenever they feel like it. It’s quite annoying, really. So when they step over me, I’d be like ;

What bothers me, even further, is that my parents think I have a lot of pride because of this and I’m just like;

I do have my pride but that is definitely not the reason why I’m such a dick to that individual. I’m just sick and tired of forgiving them – only for them to step all over me again. 

Now the easiest solution is to tell my parents my side of the story. But don’t you think I’ve done that already? This is what happens 99.9% of the time;

Even if I get my point across, I’m never right. 

I’ve kind of given up at this point and have chosen to just ignore that individual.

Rouge H


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