Likes & Loves

It’s  kind of silly but who doesn’t want to experience what being in a relationship is like. It’s  something new, ain’t it? Different from a friendship but yet somewhat similar to it as well

I’m only human, and quite frankly I wonder if I’m ever good enough. I look in the mirror,  analyse  my attitude and personality – honestly,  I think it might be  possible for someone to like me. 

However, that ceases to be. All my friends have at least had someone that liked ’em or someone they went out with but me? Heck, it must be a joke to even think someone out there could come to date me – let alone like me.

I don’t want you to think of me as petty for whining about something so trivial but I would at least like to experience what it’s like. It’d be somethin new to me.



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