Listen, here. 

If you think being a group leader, is easy – news flash; you’re wrong. We’re the one responsible when one or two of our teammates don’t do their work.

Giving orders and coming up with them is easy. Getting your teammates to do them? Can sure as hell be tricky if they’re  lazy fucks who constantly come up with excuses.

Knowing there will surely be people that will hand up late, I made the dateline earlier so that the members will have “one more chance”. However, there was a person that kept making excuses and their work…

Gawd knows how many corrections I made to it. So many things were wrong with it. 

Not to mention that they’re slow – but hey, I have nothing wrong with slow paced people. But if they’re going to be playing most of the time – then damnit, i have every gawddamn right to be ticked. 

Literally all I hear from their mouth is excuses after excuses.

If they can’t manage their time, I honestly can’t be bothered anymore.

Like, I  already stopped caring for them and what they do. All it matters to me, is how their actions affect ME and MY GROUPMATES THAT ACTUALLY DO THEIR WORK

The dateline’s near so I’m worried my group will be behind time on this. 

Also, I had confidently said that we will, surely, make it on time before the dateline. But now? 

I doubt it


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