Otoshiana ni Hamerarete ♡

Story Titles with a  , are ones I love

Story Titles without it, are ones I enjoy 


Oh dear, where do I even start. The fact that the one that crossdresses is the seme and they have hot sex? Or where they have misunderstandings and that leads to bigger problems? Which they solve of course. 

Though this manga is rather short, it’s really good. The seme is the right kind of clingy and cunning & uke is the right kind of stubborn and cute. 

Well, I wouldn’t call the uke just cute. He can be quite hot, for some people I guess. 

Bet y’all find this hot:^)

Jkjk xD Here’s your hottie

The seme on the other hand, can be really pretty or really handsome. ‘s a win-win for him.

When he crossdresses;

When he doesn’t;

The uke looks so confused ahhaha 


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