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Story Titles with a  , are ones I love

Story Titles without it, are ones I enjoy 


Okay, if you want to read this – make sure to write yaoi beside it or this is going to pop up in your search feed.

Now you don’t want that happening, now do you? 

It’s like a cockblock, I know.

Well anyways, enough about that. Let’s move on to this amazing story that I’ve loved since I was 12 – a lil young to be discovering yaoi but hey, we all have to discover it at some point. Mine just happened to be 12.

The story follows a boy and a teenage guy falling in love. If you have an issue with age gap, then this story sure as hell ain’t for you.  

However, they don’t do anything sexual until the boy is old enough.

The boy keeps on fighting for the love and respect of the teenage boy cause it sure as hell wasn’t easy. But the boy wouldn’t give up – not like any other kid; Who, let’s be honest, probably would have given up.

 The events they go through together really help build their relationship with each other stronger.They always look out and help each other.

Sometimes they’d do silly things just to please the other. It’s cute, really.

Really want to tell y’all more but I’m afraid if I keep going on, I’ll spoil everything for y’all. 

Instead I’ll just reward y’all with a sneak peak

*spoilers *(duh)

And try not to judge it based on it’s art style alone. The manga is quite old but the plot is sweet and awesome. It’s not too rushed and they go about things slowly.


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