Yajirushi (Arrow) ♡

Story Titles with a  , are ones I love

Story Titles without it, are ones I enjoy 


This one’s quite different from the ones I usually love. ‘s a personal reason as to why I love this one. It’s just the right amount of fucked up.

It’s not just physical harm but emotionally the uke gets hurt as well. Even so, he loves the seme so much. 

No matter how much he tries to run away from the seme, the heart wants what it wants:’)

Blackbear – IDFC (Tarro Remix) is a great song to listen to when reading this. It basically describes the story.

Not in a way, where it reveals the plot or whatever. But it’s similar to what the uke feels. 

Some might ask the uke to move away from a toxic relationship, but if the uke has already tried and he can’t stop thinking about the seme – is it really his fault?

We’re all blind when we fall in love, aren’t we? 


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