Sukijanaitte Hyakkai Tonaeta 

Story Titles with a  , are ones I love

Story Titles without it, are ones I enjoy 


Honestly, it was a bit hard to decide whether this deserved a heart or not. In the end, I didn’t put a heart cause I can’t say I like it too much. 

Would reread it if I don’t have any alpha or omega stories to read though.

Why I enjoy it could be because…

Seeing an alpha, that fucks an omega, turn into a hot mess with another alpha? That’s my kinda fucked up shit.

Though, there were moments where I had to take a break and process what was going on cause damn, it’s intense af. 

I feel like the author might have been inspired by Harada to do a fucked up yet enjoyable story. 

They’re not as good as Harada – not yet anyways. They will obviously improve and we shall be the judge of that when they release their next manga.
I read some comments about this, and some had said it was too rushed. For me, however, I felt like it could have been just a bit slower. 

But the reaction of the omega got me disappointed here and there. Even some other reactions of certain characters made me question why the mangaka wouldn’t make them more fiesty in some situations.

I certainly enjoyed it but can’t say I would recommend it to people who are solely into mangas with heavy plot and character development. You might be disappointed with the plot and the reactions of certain characters to certain things.

 I, however, liked the twists that happened here and there. 

Here’s the ultimate alpha, cause I’ve never seen him take it up the arse in the manga ;

Here’s the alpha that’s in a relationship with another omega but takes it up the arse cause ultimate alpha:^) ;

Here’s a shot of that alpha and his omega doing something ;

Here’s the omega that’s in love with that omega that’s in a relationship ;

The only reason people might think it’s rushed could be because of how many things are left unexplained.

But if you can close an eye on that, this will definitely be one that you’ll enjoy – maybe even like!


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