It’s amazing how I’ve changed so much.

Usually, whenever I have a grudge against someone it doesn’t last more than a day and I’m quick to forgive.

But I’ve changed in ways where I can’t be taken advantage of anymore. 

For some people, this is dangerous news. 

I’m more honest now and less loyal to people I know will leave sooner or later. 

I’ve woken up from this delusion that life is great and people don’t lie – when in fact they do. A lot. 

Why did I even think life was awesome when in reality it’s just crap?

Why did I think people would not take advantage of how nice I am?

That was just stupid of me. 

A fine example would be how I would always forgive my bratty lil shit excuse of a sister – no matter what she’s done to me. 

But now? I literally treat her the way she treats me. 

And my parents say I’m the bad one.

It’s amazing, really.

Just spectacular.

In fact, my mother loves to pick on every lil thing I do.

She claims I wear clothes that reveal my body when I don’t but my sister?

My gawd, she wears clothes tighter than a swimsuit.

And does my mum scold her?


It’s a trivial thing but when she’s scolding me almost every day over small stuff, I really can’t help but get annoyed.

Oopsie daisy, it’s my fault ain’t it?

Nope. No it isn’t.

Getting scolding almost everyday is bullshit.

You only scold your child when they’ve done something terrible not when you instantly see them and just feel this need to scold.

That aside, there are times where I just forgive the lil brat to help her out but instantly regret it hours later.

So to everyone that has shitted on my life,


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