You don’t have to fake it 

This is to the new people I meet. Honestly, I find it amazing some people would pretend to care but when shit hits the fan – they run.

They get all close to ya, stick around and make you believe they’ll stay, but they don’t.

That’s the reality of it all after all. You may be thinking; then why bother to stick around me?

Answer’s simple. They’re using you.

Pretty sure it won’t take even an idiot to figure that one out. 

They milk you out for what you’re worth. Rid you of any information, anything that’ll aid ’em.

Now I’m not saying all the new people you meet are going to use you – just probably the majority, probably. 

Just keeping it real mate. Adults, most of ’em look out for themselves. 

If you think you can trust your new friends – then good on ya. 

Just remember,


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