Bias Much?

Prepare for a short rant..

Oh my gaaawddd, where do I even begin?

So they just finished scolding my bro for stealing a $50 voucher. The whole time my mum was so sympathetic but my dad was having none of it. But like, bitch. If that were me?

Bitch, when I made a mistake, you were always up my ass and saying all the shit thing about how better it would be if I died. Bitch, you hate me so much and if you say our relationship got better cause ya broke ya damn leg, that’s true. But you should have broke it multiple times btw. You were so sickeningly sweet it was a bit disgusting but it was a nice change since you depended on me a little. 

But yes, our relationship did get better – still doesn’t change the fact you hate me the most. It’s hilarious how you were there saying to my bro, “I have high hopes for you! I gave you to God! I know you have a calling”. Bitch, you know you wrong. You know my bro ain’t going anywhere YOU want him to go. Just accept it. You somehow “magically” knew I was a rotten shit and would “always” be a rotten shit. 

Hence why if I was in my bro’s place, it would have gotten a lot worse. I probably would have booked it and asked a friend to let me stay over. Or just roam the streets like any normal person that wants to get the fuck away from their abnormal family.

Honestly, if it were me getting the scolding, I would get 0 sympathy from that bias bitch. Why she wants to believe in someone not worth believing in, is beyond me. Maybe she just hates daughters. Maybe? I’m not sure, it’s just a theory at this point. 

Oh well, I’m just looking forward to how I can either die to escape this bias asshole or just live somewhere else. I mean what else can I do? 

Oh, and if she sees this, knew it was written by me – my gawd she would definitely start saying I should die or just fling my clothes outside the door, telling me to whore myself out like the slut I am. If she thought my bro wrote this, she’ll probably coax him and tell him to talk out his issues.


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