Sleeping In – Phil Good

We’re always sleeping in,
And dreaming through the morning,
‘cause waking up is boring.
Been livin’ in a fiction,
We gotta keep it going,
Ignoring all the warnings,

I strive to be the best that I can.
Our love is cheap without devotion,
So incomplete without emotions.
Somewhere away they’ve got a
Smile on their face,
’cause we are sedated.

Maybe we’ll redefine the motions,
Before we’re swallowed by the oceans


Set Free

I’m free to wander off

Yet I stay and wait

Many doors are open

But the door to you is closed

I could fly away 

Since there are no strings to hold me back

Yet I continue to wait 

For your door to open

Silly, I know 

But to me,

It’s the most important thing in my life

And I could never do without it


All of my Sense & Rationality

Seems to be gone once I

Think of you

To embrace me in the night

But to be silent during the day

A life like this surely can’t be any

More exciting, now can it?

Perhaps I am lucky to have you

Perhaps you are unlucky to have me

But either way, 

As the night comes

And even as the cold hits me hard

Your warmth is all I feel


We’re merely pieces 

Like a board game, I suppose

We roll the dice

But we don’t choose where we land

It doesn’t matter where we land
Cause we have to accept it

And move on
It’s how we progress isn’t it?

If we stay at the same spot 

And choose not to roll the dice

Everyone else will be ahead

While we’re stuck behind