C’mon guys ( Killing Stalking Rant )

Okay, I need to rant. I held it in for god knows how long. I’m pretty everyone knows how fucked up Killing Stalking is. 

I’m quite glad seeing that most people are like ; 

But then there has to be some that are like “TAKE MY BODY SANG WOO” 

And I’m like ;

I get it. There’s something sexy about homicidal, hot boys. Like, they kill everyone but they love you only. But fuck me, if Sang Woo is like that. HE’S NOT. FFS, HE’S HURT BUM LIKE SO MANY TIMES. GUYS. C’MON. HE WOULD HURT THE FUCK OUT OF YOU. WHY DO YOU LOVE HIM?!

Unbelievable tbh.

Even after Bum confessed his love to Sang Woo, this is what happened to his LEFT FUCKING LEG ;


So all you Sang Woo lovers are telling me you wanna end up like this? Or what about this?

Just.. Wow guys. You really astound the fuck out of me. 

Look, if you’re going to bring up other homicidal characters – how about I give you an example of one that ACTUALLY LOVED THE PERSON HE LIKED? He even tried saving her ffs. He never once hurt her. 

Let me introduce y’all to Tate Langdon 

Yeah, a homicidal person

But at least he didn’t beat the shit out of the girl he liked and who liked him


He’s a ghost living in the house but Violet didn’t know that. But when she tried to kill herself, THIS is what Tate did;

He spent time getting to know her

And eventually, loving her with her loving him


I’ve got some NEWS for you, if you love Sang Woo and want to be in Bum’s position 

Honestly, Sang Woo ain’t a fucking saint. Stop showering a character like him with love and adoration. 

‘s what I want to do to people who love Sang Woo ;


Me Vs Me #19

​I have these lil mini convos in my head to pass time. So here’s one;

When I have to be friendly to certain people that backstabbed me..

Inner Me :

“They’re… ‘nice’, you know.”

Me :

“You sound like you don’t even believe your own words”

Inner Me :

“You know we have to. If we don’t, they might start saying things and causing trouble”

Me :

Sukijanaitte Hyakkai Tonaeta 

Story Titles with a  , are ones I love

Story Titles without it, are ones I enjoy 


Honestly, it was a bit hard to decide whether this deserved a heart or not. In the end, I didn’t put a heart cause I can’t say I like it too much. 

Would reread it if I don’t have any alpha or omega stories to read though.

Why I enjoy it could be because…

Seeing an alpha, that fucks an omega, turn into a hot mess with another alpha? That’s my kinda fucked up shit.

Though, there were moments where I had to take a break and process what was going on cause damn, it’s intense af. 

I feel like the author might have been inspired by Harada to do a fucked up yet enjoyable story. 

They’re not as good as Harada – not yet anyways. They will obviously improve and we shall be the judge of that when they release their next manga.
I read some comments about this, and some had said it was too rushed. For me, however, I felt like it could have been just a bit slower. 

But the reaction of the omega got me disappointed here and there. Even some other reactions of certain characters made me question why the mangaka wouldn’t make them more fiesty in some situations.

I certainly enjoyed it but can’t say I would recommend it to people who are solely into mangas with heavy plot and character development. You might be disappointed with the plot and the reactions of certain characters to certain things.

 I, however, liked the twists that happened here and there. 

Here’s the ultimate alpha, cause I’ve never seen him take it up the arse in the manga ;

Here’s the alpha that’s in a relationship with another omega but takes it up the arse cause ultimate alpha:^) ;

Here’s a shot of that alpha and his omega doing something ;

Here’s the omega that’s in love with that omega that’s in a relationship ;

The only reason people might think it’s rushed could be because of how many things are left unexplained.

But if you can close an eye on that, this will definitely be one that you’ll enjoy – maybe even like!

Ubawarerukoto Marugoto Zenbu ♡

Story Titles with a  , are ones I love

Story Titles without it, are ones I enjoy 


​It’s one of those mangas that you think you won’t like but then BOOM! you love the fuck out of it. 

The quote-on-quote “straight” uke gets his ass devoured by a mean ass seme. Maybe some of you might think the seme is feminine cause of his looks? But he doesn’t look feminine one bit to me.
The seme; 

Nah jk xD That’s a girl in the story – if you can’t already tell. 

Here’s the real deal;

And here’s the one that takes it up the arse; 

This story twist and turns in many ways – maybe that’s why I keep coming back. The uke himself is quite complicated cause there are times where he’s like “fuck this, I don’t need the seme” but then there are times where he’s like; 

Puchi Puri ♡

Story Titles with a  , are ones I love

Story Titles without it, are ones I enjoy 


Okay, if you want to read this – make sure to write yaoi beside it or this is going to pop up in your search feed.

Now you don’t want that happening, now do you? 

It’s like a cockblock, I know.

Well anyways, enough about that. Let’s move on to this amazing story that I’ve loved since I was 12 – a lil young to be discovering yaoi but hey, we all have to discover it at some point. Mine just happened to be 12.

The story follows a boy and a teenage guy falling in love. If you have an issue with age gap, then this story sure as hell ain’t for you.  

However, they don’t do anything sexual until the boy is old enough.

The boy keeps on fighting for the love and respect of the teenage boy cause it sure as hell wasn’t easy. But the boy wouldn’t give up – not like any other kid; Who, let’s be honest, probably would have given up.

 The events they go through together really help build their relationship with each other stronger.They always look out and help each other.

Sometimes they’d do silly things just to please the other. It’s cute, really.

Really want to tell y’all more but I’m afraid if I keep going on, I’ll spoil everything for y’all. 

Instead I’ll just reward y’all with a sneak peak

*spoilers *(duh)

And try not to judge it based on it’s art style alone. The manga is quite old but the plot is sweet and awesome. It’s not too rushed and they go about things slowly.